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Semi Hard

Alexandrina Gouda Spiced
$39.95 per kg
Beaufort d'Alpage
$98.95 per kg
Dutch Leyden
$29.95 per kg
Dutch Matured Goat
$39.95 per kg
Gruyère - Heidi
$60.95 per kg
Gruyère - Swiss
$53.95 per kg
Gruyère - Swiss Etivaz
$88.95 per kg
Heidi Tilsit
$36.95 per kg
Ossau Iraty Basque
$78.95 per kg
Provolone Dolce
$28.95 per kg
Provolone Piccante
$34.95 per kg
Queso Mahón DOP
$65.95 per kg
Queso Manchego Maturado
$68.95 per kg
Queso Mezcla Curado
$62.95 per kg
Queso de Cabra
$58.95 per kg
Raclette - French
$48.95 per kg
Swiss Emmental
$48.95 per kg
Wyfe of Bath (Organic)
$89.95 per kg
Cheese Type Information
All your Gouda and Edam needs met. Ranging from creamy mild young cheeses to hard spicy aged cheeses.

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