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Cheese class 

Dedicated to servicing the true cheese connoisseur, the Smelly Cheese Shop 's range extends from international classics to the crème de la crème of Australia's burgeoning specialty cheese industry.

As well as stocking the best locally made cheese, we travel the world to source the best cheeses from France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK.

Mat RoomFrom the mighty 100kg Swiss Emmentalers to the little `stinkers' from France, our extensive range includes traditional cloth cheddars, bries, camemberts and triple cream delights. Not to forget classic blues like stilton, gorgonzola and roquefort. We also offer an interesting range of cheeses made from sheep, goat and buffalo milk! There are literally hundreds of cheeses available and each one is given the individual care it deserves.

Our fresh cheeses are air-freighted direct from the producer and can be with our customers within days and our hard cheese are stored in our world class maturing room.

The room has been built on the premises in consultation from cheese professionals all over the globe. It is the only room of it's kind in the country, creating high humidity and a constant temperature naturally, without the use of fans or humidifiers, replicating the ancient cave's used to mature cheese for centuries. Taste the difference for yourself!